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Loxone Smart Home by Unique Automation

Unique Automation provides the ability to control everything around the house or office automatically or with a simple push of a button, all thanks to Loxone. These controls can be anything from adjusting the lights, music, security, appliances, solar energy, electric cars, energy usage.  It also includes basic features like closing the window shades when the weather is hot outside.

Welcome To V.I.P.

A Loxone Smart Home by Unique Automation thinks the way you do. It understands which lights to turn on, which music to play and your preferred room temperature for different times of the day – whether it be in the morning or evening, or specifically when you’re cooking, relaxing or having guests over. This level of comfort can only be experienced in a Loxone Smart Home.

Flawless Operation

Living in a Unique Automation Smart Home is like driving on cruise control! If you ever want to change something, a single click on a switch or tap on a smartphone is enough.

Expert Security

Your home is always looking out for you. While you’re asleep, it keeps watch, alerts you to any intruders and sounds the alarm in an emergency. It can warn you about dangers such as fire or water leaks and light a path to safety. Your Loxone Smart Home by Unique Automation gives you 24/7/365 peace of mind.

Always Smiling

A Loxone Smart Home by Unique Automation makes your home safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient. It saves you time and handles tasks for you, allowing you to enjoy living in your home. Your home will think like you, bring you happiness (and will probably make the neighbors a little jealous too!).

The Brains Of The Operation

Thanks To Loxone’s Miniserver Technology

A Loxone Smart Home is the most intelligent of smart homes. It combines all the components of your home into one central system, the ‘brain’ of which is the Loxone Miniserver. The Miniserver enables intelligent communication between different systems and devices in the home including the heating, lighting, blinds, windows and doors, locks, cameras, music, appliances and switches.

Let’s Talk ! Your New Smart Home Awaits

Interested? Then let’s talk about your smart home! We’ll be happy to answer your questions about life in a Loxone Smart Home by Unique Automation.