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Loxone Air

Perfect For Smart Home Add-Ons

Loxone Air is ideal for those looking for the quality and reliability of a professionally installed smart home system with the convenience of wireless.

Loxone developed Loxone Air technology in-house. The Miniserver Go, the heart of Loxone Air, allows you to enjoy all the functionality of a wired system without the hassle of having to open up walls or commit to re-wiring your home.

Loxone Air is also perfect for extensions and renovations as it offers a quick, convenient and affordable option for your smart home that can be added to at any time.

Secure Communication

Communication over Loxone Air is via IPSec, ensuring complete encryption of IP data traffic. Each Loxone installation has its own encryption key, so that nearby installations cannot interfere with each other.


All communications are acknowledged with Loxone Air devices; all devices can send as well as receive signals. This ensures the best in reliability and also allows for greater flexibility since it allows Loxone Air to be used for all sorts of devices.

Minimal Energy Consumption

All Loxone Air products have been designed to have the lowest possible power consumption. We have even gone as far as developing our own chipsets to minimize the overall consumption that little bit more.

Corner To Corner Coverage

With Loxone’s Mesh Technology

The use of mesh networking means that Loxone Air has a much larger coverage area than other wireless standards. So no matter how big your retrofit project is, Loxone Air has got it covered!

The range was one of the most important factors in the development of Loxone Air. Loxone Air is based on mesh technology. Each permanently powered Loxone Air device extends the range and stability of the entire system.

The result: Incredible range despite large distances and thick walls.

Loxone Air

The Superior Wireless Technology

In contrast to other technologies, Loxone Air has been specially developed for use in smart homes and thus offers unique features:

Device Search

With one click in Loxone Config, all available Air devices are automatically recognized and listed.


Click, rename, finished. The setup and configuration is quick thanks to an integrated Air Monitor.

No Lag

The desired command is executed immediately without noticeable delay.


No matter how many Air products you need, you can upgrade your home at any time with additional Air products and simply integrate them..


The communication between Air products is encrypted using IPSec, the current security standard.


All Loxone Air products are eligible for free software upgrades, so your home remains up to date.

Designed For The Wireless Smart Home

Everyone should have the opportunity to turn their home into a smart home. Smart Home technology should not be exclusive to new builds. This was the driver for us to develop our own wireless technology that was specially tailored to retrofitting smart homes.

“I use Loxone Air products in my own home and have found them to be very reliable…I live in a busy area and never have any problems with interference. That’s why I recommend Loxone Air to my customers if new wiring is not possible…everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Loxone.”

Michael Johnson
Loxone Silver Partner

“I enjoy the convenience of my new smart home, and the presence simulation feature is a big bonus for me – the house makes it appear like we’re home when we’re actually on holiday, plus it’s much more convincing and cost effective than leaving the lights on all week!”

Sandra Williams
32 Years

Constant Growth

The Loxone Air Range

Loxone is continuously expanding their range with additional Air products for your new smart home. You can see all our Loxone Air products in our webshop.